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Assignment  II

1.   What is Morpheme?
(A meaningful linguistic unit consisting of a word (such as dog) or a word element (such as the -s at the end of dogs) that can't be divided into smaller meaningful parts. Adjective:morphemic.Morphemes are commonly classified into free morphemesand bound morphemes.)
2.   Type of Morpheme:
·       Free Morpheme a morpheme that can stand alone as a word without another morpheme.  It does not need anything attached to it to make a word.
·       Bound Morpheme a sound or a combination of sounds that cannot stand alone as a word.  The s in cats is a bound morpheme, and it does not have any meaning without the free morpheme cat.
3.   Form of Morpheme:
Ø Derivational:if the stem words added by suffix that change the meaning.
·       Ex: Good=>Goodnes
·       Do=>doer
·       Direc=>directness
o  Etc

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